'BlackGyrl' Magic in Denver!

Happy New Year, Loved Ones

I hope you're having a wonderful start to 2018 so far! These first two weeks of the year have been SO awesome for Rajdulari Music, I am truly grateful. I can honestly say that I'm soooo pleasantly surprised at the way things are kicking into high gear here in Denver!

My First Gig of 2018 was on January 9th, performing for the 2018 Martin Luther King Humanitarian Awards. I was asked to perform two songs in the program. 

And, while I truly enjoyed performing with the Colorado Symphony, the biggest treat of the night for me was being able to sing my OWN original song, BlackGyrl, LIVE on the Boettcher Concert Hall stage. (Click here to watch the video!)

Listen, we BlackGyrls are magic,

do you hear me?

The entire MLK Humanitarian Awards concert was amazing; chronicling Dr King's life and works, and honoring so many members of the community who have done such incredible work here in Denver.

But, it meant the world to me that they allowed me to share my personal dedication to 'BlackGyrls' that night, in song, and with some of my favorite black women and musicians in Colorado.

Y'all already know how I feel about supporting and uplifting women of color (Black Girls in particular), so it really touched my heart to be a part of such an awesome event, and to be able to share it with some of the fiercest Black women I know. ;) A girl is humbled and grateful, y'all...

That said: scroll down to see more pics from that night, AND to hear all about some amazing upcoming performances I have in store for you!

(Pls Note: all pics in this blog post courtesy of Photographer Ryan Landell, and the 'BlackGyrl' video footage was captured by: Cortex 86'd Productions )

Thanks for reading, Loved Ones. Tune in next week for another vid from this event, and I can't wait to share even MORE good news with you soon!



We were even blessed to be able to bring in the incredible violinist (and my bestie) Monique Brooks-Roberts to perform with us! (Pic: Ryan Landell)

We were also thankful and grateful for our friend, Pianist Mike Chipman, who invited us and helped us put this magical event together. Thanks so much Mike! (Pic: Ryan Landell)

New York Loved Ones, I'm coming back March 17th! GET TIX HERE


I have a lot of awesome music coming up for you in the next few months, Loved Ones.

Check out my list of performance dates here, and hopefully I'll see you out at a show soon!