Black Girls Rock! An Inspired Shoot...

Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas!

Recently, my sistahfriends and I all came together for a girls weekend in Denver. And, if you know anything about my girls, you know that they're all fabulous, dope women in their own right. :)

From l to r in the pic above, we have the fabulous Jasmine Myrie, violinist Monique Brooks-Roberts, myself Rajdulari, soul singer SUCH, and my sista the dopest spoken word artist, Kerrie Joy.

So, knowing they were all coming to visit Denver, Ryan and I came up with the idea to do a 'BlackGirlsRock'-inspired shoot.

We chose this theme because we wanted to highlight these phenomenal women, who are not only inspirational to me as artists and musicians, they're also some of my dearest friends.

When we asked the ladies if they were down to shoot with us, they immediately said yes, and were all excited to dress up in their fiercest look, and show us what the terms blackgirlsrock and blackgirlpower meant to them.

I love these ladies, and I truly admire them. Read on for more info and to see how much fun we had doing this shoot, and make sure to check out these ladies and their incredible work. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do!

Special thanks to photographer Ryan Landell for all of the images below.

So, are we super heroes,

or perhaps the dopest girl band ever?

(couldn't we be both? :))

#BlackGirlJoy- Jasmine Myrie

'Being A Black Girl- means that even with all of the struggles & hate we go through, we can come out on top and live in our joy! I choose to be positive, even when faced with adversity, and to live my best life surrounded by people I love.'

#BlackGirlFly- SuCh

'Being A Black Girl- means being grounded in the strength of all of the black women who have gone before me. It means exuding my 'fly-ness' with confidence and ease, and loving myself fully.'

#BlackGirlMagic - Monique Brooks-Roberts

'Being A Black Girl- means that I have the power and strength within to do anything I want, to love every part of myself and the skin I'm in unconditionally, and to know that I am indeed magic, capable of the impossible!'

#BlackGirlSwag- Kerrie Joy

'Being A Black Girl- means being resilient. It means that for generations, women that look like me have defied all the odds....and we've only just begun.. THIS is what 'unstoppable' looks like...'

#BlackGirlPower - Rajdulari

'Being A Black Girl- means being powerful. Out of all the things black women have endured & survived, being a black girl to me feels like belonging to a tribe of warriors. I feel extremely proud of my heritage, proud of my sisterhood, and proud of the powerful woman I am.'

What about YOU, Fashionistas?

How do you celebrate YOUR dopeness? (sound off in the comments below!)