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Rajdulari’s buoyant voice vibrates with a clear and honest joyfulness. For her, singing is a healing and soothing activity. Her ability to share uplifting messages of confidence, empowerment, love, and hope - through song - is the most gratifying gift she can exchange.

Named by her father, Rajdulari’s name translates as “daughter of a king”. After her dad passed away at a young age, she and her mother went through life’s tough turns and challenges together. The church became their salvation in many ways, especially as an outlet for the then-young Rajdulari – who sang in the choir.

Inspired by the great ladies of song – Ella, Billie, Sarah, Chaka – Rajdulari enrolled in the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was there where she honed her vocal and songwriting skills, both as a soloist and in an ensemble.

After years of performing in the New England area, Rajdulari, took the plunge and moved to New York City – with very little money in her pockets, but with a plan to make her mark in music as a professional Independent Artist.

She worked her way up and through the ranks – starting at smaller clubs such as Harlem’s Billie’s Black and moving to midtown Manhattan’s prestigious Iridium Jazz Club, the well-known BBKings blues/jazz club, and curating successful standing-room only shows at Drom, on New York’s Lower East Side.

While building up a fan base thanks to email marketing and social media, Rajdulari recorded her first self-produced album, “Honeywine”. A mixture of originals and alternative Jazz standards, the album became a fan favorite among her followers. Determined to create a visual where CurvyGirls are seen as the ‘love interest’ in mainstream music, Rajdulari filmed the video for the title track, “Honeywine”, bravely filming a love scene that was tastefully done, thus making the point that curvy women can be the lead character in romantic roles, both in music and film.

As her audience grew in large numbers, so did the demand for more gigs and modeling work. Over time, Rajdulari began to share images of her clothing for performances on Social Media, sparking her to launch ‘RajdulariStyle’ a blog that reflects her own personal brand & style. This expanded her reach, and Rajdulari was soon working with partners connected to businesses such as Lane Bryant as well as boosting her music sales both in online retailers, and brick & mortar stores.

Buoyed by the positive response to “Honeywine” and her move to New York, Rajdulari independently released her second album, “Journey of a Woman”. Co-produced with pianist, Aaron Brooks-Roberts, the album was a concept effort, marking the everyday life, love, ups, downs, heart-filled and heartaches – all based on Rajdulari’s own experiences.

Rajdulari co-wrote all but two songs on the album, including the single, “Natural” – the highly successful single. Rajdulari initially composed the tune exclusively for a Natural Hair Expo performance. The single quickly turned into a musical project to help motivate women of color to embrace themselves: their hair, their curves, and their natural beauty. “Natural” is Rajdulari’s own autobiography, set to music. The music video earned over 5,000 spins on You Tube within the first few weeks of being posted.

As for her sophomore album, “Journey of a Woman”, was a success for Rajdulari.

The long-playing record charted on Billboard’s Top 200 R&B/Hip Hop Albums listing, without any major marketing or radio support. “Journey…..” became the #1 album on R&B outlets in Great Britain and one of the Top 10 cds for that year on the UK album charts. As a result of this response, Rajdulari toured cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington D.C. as well as London and Paris.

Following the success of her two albums and tours, Rajdulari took a personal health break in 2015 and spent a year focused on improving her health through Pilates, Yoga, and heathier eating. Inspired by her progress, she formed “Black Girls do PiYo”, an online accountability health & wellness group (with three other wellness Coaches), where Women of Color gather and for motivation, fitness, and nutrition tips. BGDP hosts several 8-week fitness programs that are held quarterly throughout the year.

In 2016, Rajdulari married, and decided to take yet another leap of faith and made a bold new move – this time, trading the bright lights of New York city, for the tranquil Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado.

Now based in Denver, Rajdulari is continuing her journey with music, health, and fashion. She’s currently writing her third album, working on expanding her ‘RajdulariStyle’ brand, and continues to exercise with and promote ‘Black Girls do PiYo’ and her ‘RajdulariFitness’ brand.  

-Kevin Goins

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