'Butterfly' LIVE @Dazzle (Plus NEW concert dates!)

Happy Sunday Loved Ones!

How are YOU doing? Are you having a good wind down to the weekend so far? I know I am. ;) I've just landed in NewYork for a 3-day work whirlwind, and I am writing to you from my hotel room in the city...

That said, lemme tell you...

Soooo many good things happened this week! I had an opportunity to see Denver's own Dianne Reeves be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame AND hang with her backstage. That was the highlight of the week for me! But I also have hired a new Virtual Admin for all of my RajdulariBiz stuff (welcome, Ashley!), and have received a slew of new bookings for 2018. 

So, I'm ending this week on a wave of excitement and gratitude. :)

SuCh ,  Dianne  &  Me  @Colorado Music Hall of Fame event in Denver. Can you tell how excited I was?!

SuCh, Dianne & Me @Colorado Music Hall of Fame event in Denver. Can you tell how excited I was?!

Soulful Sundays

For this week's Soulful Sunday series, I wanted to share with you a clip of us performing 'Butterfly' at Dazzle. We had such a blast doing that show, and I can't wait to perform at Dazzle again one day soon! Click here to watch, and then scroll down for a list of all of my NEW  upcoming performance dates. 2018 is already filling up, yay!


I've got some great shows coming up for my Loved Ones in Denver. Check out the dates below, and come hang with us and hear some beautiful music for the holidays (and beyond)!

More details will be shared later, but I can't wait to sing for you all again soon. Thanks for reading, Loved Ones, and I'll see you next week!






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