'Denver Vocalists truly are the best'- & come see us at Dazzle tonight!

Happy Sunday Loved Ones...

I'm so excited, I've been invited to be a quest vocalist on my friend JoFoKe's Holiday Concert here at Dazzle TONIGHT, Sunday December 10th at 7:00pm. (Click here for tix!)

Denver Vocalists are the best!

Lemme just tell you, one of the beautiful things I've experienced since moving to Denver, is the camaraderie & love I've experienced amongst the many vocalists I've met and worked with... 

  • From my first meeting with vocalist -and now dear friend- SuCh, who literally welcomed me w/open arms (& tons of networking connections), to

  • Sharing the stage- and drinks and love- w/vocalist Brittany Evan Williams, and

  • Sanging and spending time w/vocalist Stephanie Hancock, & sharing the stage w/her at the Soiled Dove, to

  • Being honored to sing & spend time w/vocalist JoFoke, her band and family.

EACH of these women are so incredibly talented in their own right, and each of them have spent their time getting to know me, or stopping by my show, or making it a point to connect me with musicians here, and just in general opening their hearts and platforms to share something with me that has helped my transition here. And I, in turn, have truly enjoyed being at their shows, sharing whatever information I had, and supporting each of them as well.

Ladies, I just want you to know that your friendship has meant the world to me, and it warms my heart that we all can share, love, grow, and make music together the way that we do.

I have always believed that 'there's a microphone and a stage for everyone', and that fellow vocalists should work together and help each other. There's no point in blocking anyone's blessings, chile, because when it's your time? It's your time. And these Denver sistas embody this in word and deed. For this, I am truly grateful. <3

That said, it's time for me to get back to the grind and get ready for my show tonight, Loved Ones.

I have SOOOO much goodness coming up for you in 2018! 

Scroll down to see my upcoming performance dates, and to check out some holiday goodness in this 'Christmas Time is Here' Soulful Sundays vid w/special guest-guitarist Andrew Friedrich.

As always, thank you for supporting the music, and I hope to see you out live at a show soon.


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Check out the dates below, and come hang with us and hear some beautiful music for the holidays (and beyond)!


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