Jazz Brunch & Mimosas w/Jamie Stewardson!


Jazz Brunch & Mimosas w/Jamie Stewardson!

I've been invited by my dear friend, guitarist and Jazz Educator Jamie Stewardson to sing at the GORGEOUS Cherokee Ranch & Castle THIS SUNDAY, July 29th in Sedalia, CO.  We'll be doing a Sunday Jazz Brunch & Mimosas concert w/bassist Bill McCrossen.

If you recall, Jamie and I met for one of my 'Soulful Conversations' last year. We've known each other for 10+ years, having originally met back when I used to live in Boston and was just getting my start as a jazz vocalist. He and I joined a band with our friend (pianist & musical genius David Zoffer), so I'm thrilled that we're coming together again here all the way in Colorado!

The Jazz Brunch on Sunday starts at 10:00am and goes through 12pm. Click HERE to watch Jamie & I play our 'SoulfulSundays' duet, and then come enjoy a morning of great jazz, soul and r&b with us!

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