Soulful Sundays- 'That's All' ft. Guitarist Jamie Stewardson

Happy Sunday, Loved Ones!

Over the holidays, my awesome friend & guitarist Jamie Stewardson stopped by our studios to record a few clips with me for my YouTube channel. Since we're nearing Valentine's Day, I figured I'd share this gem with you.

Click here to watch my latest 'SoulfulSundays' video.

I've had an awesome week, y'all...

Rehearsals for 'Colorism' are in full swing, and we're getting ready for opening night on Feb 9th. (Check out some behind the scenes pics here!)

We released the latest flyer for my March 3rd show w/my band in Boulder at The Laughing Goat coffee house. I'm super excited about this one, as I've been wanting a show in Boulder since we first moved here! (Click here for info!)

I had a great time 

singing @ The Crimson Room on Wednesday!

And, just yesterday, I had another studio session w/my friend Callum Neeson, who's releasing an EP of all of his dope original music that he asked me to sing on. I can't WAIT to share it with you guys, his music is awesome! (Check out a studio clip here).

NEW YORK Loved Ones, I can't wait to see you!

Finally, I have another big announcement to share with you soon, but I can't tell you until I have official confirmation! (hint: it's another theater opportunity, eek!)

Soo much goodness is happening, I can't do anything but be grateful and send out my sincere thanks and love to all of you for hanging in there with me and supporting this journey.

Scroll down below to read all about my performance dates, and I hope to see you out at a show up close and personal soon!



I can't believe that our new play 'Colorism' opens THIS weekend in Denver, on Feb 9th! ( Get tix here .)

I can't believe that our new play 'Colorism' opens THIS weekend in Denver, on Feb 9th! (Get tix here.)


I have a lot of awesome music coming up for you in the next few months, Loved Ones.

Check out my list of performance dates here, and hopefully I'll see you out at a show soon!



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