Take Time to Smell the Sunflowers....

Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas!

Given all that's going on in our world today, (from the political climate, to each of us just doing our best to make ends meet), when's the last time you took a moment to 'stop and smell the roses'? (Scroll down for details about this look!)

This post is sponsored by StitchFix, & all images provided courtesy of Landell Original.

'When God made the color 'yellow' he was showing off'...

Last weekend, my photographer Ryan Landell mentioned to me that he wanted to travel out to shoot in a sunflower field near Commerce City, Colorado...

It was a lonnng drive on a dusty red dirt road, on a hot sunny day, so I was a bit skeptical of what we'd find when we got there. 

But, my goodness, when we pulled up and saw this gorgeous never-ending field of sunflowers? It instantly made my heart smile, and made the long trip ohhhh so worth it.

Standing there, in the middle of that quiet gorgeous field, I was reminded about how important it is to stop, quiet the chaos around you, and truly embrace the beauty of nature. Even if you only do it once in a while? It can truly be a restorative and healing process, and soooo good for the soul..

Immediately when I saw the field, I thought of that quote in "The Color Purple", about how it ticks God off if you walk by the color purple in a field and you don't acknowledge it's beauty... ;)

Click the image below to watch one of my fave quotes from that movie!

'More'n anything, God love admiration'...

-Shug Avery, Color Purple


...Look Details...

Dress: CityChic via StitchFix

Shoes & Sunglasses: Cira Ltd

Bag: Gianni Bernini

What do you think of this article, Fashionistas?

Have YOU taken time out to smell the flowers lately?

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This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix. All pics courtesy of Landell Original.

In love with this dramatic Eloquii top!

When you embrace your own style

and what makes YOU unique? Trends become irrelevant..


(Photography & Styling by Ryan Landell)

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!

Don't you just LOVE a beautiful dramatic off-the-shoulder top?

I'm addicted to this one from Eloquii, and I felt like a true diva wearing it!

(Scroll down for full outfit details.)

For this look, we paired the top with a curve-hugging pencil skirt and my new favorite gold pointy-toe pumps,

but you could also rock this with some skinny jeans and a pair of flats (making the top your statement piece),

or even with your favorite slacks for an extra-fab work look! 

How would YOU rock it, Fashionista?

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...Look Details...



Top: Eloquii

Skirt: StitchFix

Shoes: Daya by Zendaya

Sunglasses: Wish.com


..photographed & styled by Ryan Landell

Fleur 'Le Lis'...


Fleur 'Le Lis'

In love w/this beautiful dress from StitchFix!

Happy Wednesday, Fashionista!

How are you handling with this summer weather? We've been experiencing a true heatwave here in Denver- with daily temps in the mid-90s- and this is my first time experiencing Colorado's sizzling hot summer temperatures.

I won't complain, though, I LOVE the heat, especially when I have a cool & breezy dress to wear, like this 'Le Lis' Dress that just came in my latest StitchFix box!

All pics cc: Ryan Landell

I've been determined to wear more color this season, and this dress is just perfect.

I really liked the floral pattern and the bold yellow & blue colors,

and pretty much fell in love with it the minute I pulled it out of the box!

I love how it frames my hips,

..hitting just below the knees, but not too long for my 5'3" height...

Hangs perfectly at my waistline,

(no belt needed, I also love the pleats and the relaxed shape..)

And, the back length accentuates my curves!

...covering my behind & thighs just right (thank you very much!)...

All in all, I am in LOVE with this dress,

and wish I could buy it in several more colors.

Thanks StitchFix!

(Scroll down for look details below.)

What do you think, Fashionistas,

would you wear this dress?

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...Look Details...



dress | Le Lis 'Piper' via StitchFix

clutch | (vintage) Poshmark

shoes | BCBG (no longer avail.)

accessories | Bracelets & Earrings


All pics courtesy of Photographer: Ryan Landell