Blazin' in Boulder!

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Happy Thursday Fashionistas!

I am sooo enjoying this heat wave we're experiencing in Colorado. Compared to the East Coast's humidity? I'll take hot and dry Colorado any day. That said, photographer Ryan Landell and I caught a scorcher in Boulder recently with both the heat AND this look ;).

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Catch you next time. R

I'm pretty OBSESSED with this skirt, can't you tell?


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Bodysuit | August Mist, via StitchFix

Skirt | Eva Pixley, via StitchFix

Jacket | Vigoss, via StitchFix

Shoes | Zaya by Zendaya

Style Meets Comfort in this ASOS Curve jumpsuit!


Happy Summer Fashionistas!

How have you been? I missed you! I've been doing well, working on SO many different projects for RajdulariMusic that I had to slow down on my fashion blog for a bit.

But, thanks to the incredible shooting I've been doing lately with Photographer Ryan Landell, I have some great looks to share with you. So, catch this one for now, and stay tuned for more coming up soon!


Like this ASOS jumpsuit?


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Lady in Red... (Eva Mendes NY & Co Collection!)

Happy Thursday, Fashionistas!

Is it just me, or does the end of the year seem to be approaching a breakneck speed these days? Between holiday shopping, end of year activities, and all of the holiday parties, I'm sure we all are feeling the crunch of the holiday season.

That said, there's no reason why you can't still celebrate in style, ladies. ;) I'm OBSESSED w/the new Eva Mendes collection at New York & Company, and I love all of the PLUS-sized offerings they've included, especially this 'Lady in Red' outfit!

Scroll down below to read ALL about this week's look.

All pics courtesy of Ryan Landell Photography.

FIRST OF ALL, can we talk about how awesome this 'Marjorie Wrap' bodysuit is? 

Normally, I'm not a bodysuit girl. Because I'm smaller on top, many bodysuits are always too large on the top and wayyyy too small on the bottom.

But not this one, hunney! The color is vibrant, the fabric flows nicely. There's a button in the v-neck (to keep the girls in check ;)) AND the bottom fits my curvy butt easily. I felt like a hot curvy chick in this outfit, lemme tell you!

Next fave- this LINED 'Tyra' pencil skirt that hugs the curves in all the right places.

I rarely (if ever) buy lined skirts. Haven't for years. It's actually a fashion 'pet peeve' of mine, because most lining in plus skirts in my size usually won't even make it past my hips. And, if they did? The skirt was usually super roomy in the waist and way too tight in the hips. (I'm sure my 'big-bottomed' curvy girls know exactly what I'm talkin about ;)).

But that's not the case with this skirt! It's lined, tapered at the waist, and has plenty of room in the hips

to make you feel sooo curvy and confident strolling into the next holiday party!


All in all, I'm really in love with these Eva Mendes pieces, and I'm so excited to see what else I can try from her collection in the future. Finding fun, vibrant, high quality clothing like this for us Plus girls always makes my fashion heart so happy :). 

What about YOU, Fashionista?

Have you tried anything Eva's NY & Co collection?

Would you?

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...Look Details...

Bodysuit | Eva Mendes (NY&Co)

Skirt | Eva Mendes

Shoes | Daya by Zendaya

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See you next week for more Plus Fashion tips!

Life of the Holiday Party!


Happy Saturday, Fashionistas!

There's nothing I love better than to dress up, throw on my nicest jewelry, and my favorite heels, and head out to a fun party during the holidays.

I LOVE everything about the Christmas season, and dressing up is no exception! :)

For this week, we're sharing this easy 'instant-glam' look for your next holiday party: it's a CityChic top, paired with a fun skirt from Gwynnie Bee.

And what I love most about it? It's comfortable and classy at the same time!

Read on for more details about this look below...

All pics courtesy of Ryan Landell Photography.



Throw on your fave off-shoulder top & party skirt!


Easy 'glam tip'

Add dramatic drop earrings (similar herehere)...


Add your fave 


& voila, instant holiday party glam!

Fall Package 2017


...Look Details...

Top | CityChic

Skirt | Tess Holiday via GwynnieBee

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

What are YOUR favorite easy holiday looks, Fashionistas?

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A Stylish Thanksgiving....(dress via GwynnieBee)


A Stylish Thanksgiving...

Tired of the traditional red & black? Scroll down for a more contemporary look!

Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas!

Rumor has it that it's going to be a beautiful 70 degrees here in Denver on Thanksgiving.

I'm super excited about this because I've been loving the beautiful sunsets we've seen, & all of the Fall/Winter colors that are popping out in nature here too. :)

Scroll down for this week's look, featuring this ultra comfy dress by Gwynnie Bee.

I love how fun this dress is. You can either wear it with tights, or without, and it has plenty of room to keep you moving freely as you run around with family & friends!

Scroll down for more info on this look below...

All pics courtesy of photographer Ryan Landell.

Try. Wear. Love. Repeat. Free Shipping. Unlimited Fashion. Sizes 10-32. Start Your Free Trial


try a pink clutch..



















I've been working with Gwynnie, for a while now, and I have so much fun trying on new pieces when they come in!

The best part Gwynnie Bee's clothing rental service? You view offerings in advance and choose your fave pieces to hang in your closet til it's time to ship. 

You keep the look as long as you want (instead of only 5 days like other services) and, once returned, they send you whatever item is next in your queue. Click to try their service FREE for a month here.

What did you think of this Thanksgiving look, Fashionistas?

Would YOU give it a whirl? 

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