Dance among the Sunflowers....

Happy Wednesday, Fashionistas!

Photographer Ryan Landell and I had an amazing time discovering the Sunflower Fields in Commerce City, Colorado a few weeks ago. :)

This week is alll about my love for this new ruffled-sleeve blouse I found (at Target, no less!), and these super soft jeans I picked up from Macy's. Read on for details about the look below!

My Trend for Fall:

Feminine Lace and Soft Fabrics

During the Spring and Summer, I love to wear as little as possible on my skin, and wear flowy dresses as much as possible. 

However, I'm still a Midwest Girl at heart. I LOVE the change of the seasons. Love the crisp cool air in the Fall, and I always feel like the first snowfall night is the most romantic night of the year.

What I DON'T like about Fall & Winter, though, is the scratchy fabrics and the layers of clothing we have to wear for months at a time. For example, wool itches me to no end. But I have to wear it because I get super cold in the winter.

So, my goal this year? Is to find the softest sweaters and pants to layer me up without causing irritation to my skin. That way, I can be nice and warm, and comfy too. ;)

These pants that I found from Macy's are just the perfect solution to that problem! They're super duper soft. They hug the curves but don't constrict my body. And they're nice and warm and can be worn alone or with tights underneath. A win-win!

How do YOU prepare your Fall & Winter wardrobe, Fashionista? Sound off in the comments below! I'd love to try out YOUR suggestions too!


...Look Details...

Top: Merona via Target

Skinny Jeans: Celebrity Pink (similar here)

Shoes: DreamPairs

Sunglasses: Cira, LTD



(all pics cc: Photographer Ryan Landell)