Feelin flirty in this cold-shoulder romper!

Happy Wednesday, Fashionista!

Now, let's be real, chile. The 'cold-shoulder' trend isn't something new. Weren't we all rocking our cold-shoulder leotards in the 80s? LOL

I love how fashion cycles back around, however. That's how I can keep wearing all of the classic styles I love so much. In my fashion opinion? There really isn't anything new under the sun.

But I can't lie to you, girl.

I am SO in love with THIS romper here, that I considered apologizing to my hubby when we go out. Because at this point? I'm pretty sure he's seen me in it about a million times now, lol. 

It's so fun, comfortable and flirty that I can't stop wearing it! ;)

I love everything about it. I love the way the shorts sit in the mid-thigh area, I love the open shoulders, and I LOVE the lace detail in the front of the chest! (Scroll down for outfit details below.)

What's your favorite romper style to wear these days, Fashionista? Sound off in the comments below, I love to hear what other kinds of styles you like too!

Have an awesome day, and I'll see you next week!



P.S. Many thanks to @RLxPress for these images!

Cold-Shoulder Romper: Maurices | Shoes: YellowBox |

In love w/this Eve Floral Skirt!

Hey Fashionista,

Happy Wednesday, girl! Hope you're having an awesome week so far. :)

One of the things that I NEVER get tired of wearing is a well-fitted pencil skirt, and this Eve Floral Skirt I got from StitchFix is no exception!

It hugs the curves in all the right places, slims the tummy, and has a comfy waistband (without hooks or a zipper, even) that doesn't roll or bunch after hours of wearing. I mean, what could be more perfect than that? 

And, last but not least, can we talk about this bold floral print? It's at once old-fashioned and contemporary at the same time. *Sigh* I'm so in love with statement pieces of clothing like this that you can wear so many different ways.

What about you, Fashionista? Do you have a fave pencil skirt in your closet that you wear with everything? If not, I highly recommend trying this one.

Scroll down for full outfit details, and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW to let me know what you think of this look: would you rock it, or no? Let a sista know!

Until then, see you next week, Fashionista. I sincerely hope you enjoying reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

Take care,


P.S. All pics courtesy of: @RLxPress

Top: CityChic | Skirt: Eva Pixley Skirt (courtesy of StitchFix) | Shoes: DreamPairs (similar here) | Bag: Michael Kors (similar here and here)

All Black Everythang!

Happy Wednesday Fashionista!

Last week, I told you all about my love affair with Gwynnie Bee. This week, the love fest continues because they sent me this incredible black pleated skirt from CityChic!

I absolutely LOVED this skirt. You can pair it with SO many things!

  • You could do an off-shoulder top tucked in with a belt and heels,
  • You could dress it down with a funky tee and your favorite sneakers for a dressy casual look.
  • Or, you could add a crop top for added drama like I did here! (scroll down for outfit details below.)

As a CurvyGirl, there's something truly liberating about wearing a crop top. For me, I've actually had surgery on my tummy twice before, and showing my belly was something I'd NEVER do years ago. 

But these days, I've learned to embrace all of who I am, scars and all. And isn't that what life is all about? Knowing who you are, and celebrating ALL of it?

I encourage you today, Fashionista, find something fashionable that scares you to wear. Push outside of your comfort zone and DARE yourself to try it on. There are soooo many awesome fashion designers that are creating amazing, comfortable crop top pieces that you can wear to bear your tummy in a classy, sexy way that will have you feeling fierce!

Plus, who doesn't want to wear less clothing in the summertime, chile?! It's too hot to be covering up these curves! Right? Lol ;)

Have a great week, lovelies, and I'll see you next Wednesday! (scroll down for outfit details below.)



(P.S. All images courtesy of the incredible: @RLxPress)

Want to try out GwynnieBee's awesome service for yourself? Click here!

Top: Forever21+ (similar here) | Skirt: CityChic, courtesy of GwynnieBee | Shoes: Team Wardrobe

Ok Gwynnie Bee, I See You Girl!

Hey Fashionista!

I am having the time of my fashion life checking out these monthly subscription boxes for my new wardrobe. This week is ALL about Gwynnie Bee!

Read below about how I fell in love with this dress and their amazing service. ;)

In my quest to build my RajdulariStyle brand, I was lamenting to my sistagirls about how I really wanted to keep enhancing my wardrobe and experimenting with different styles.

Thankfully, one of my dear friends (and incredible stylist) Steffany Allen told me about Gwynnie Bee (thank you Steffy!).

I quickly hopped on their site, added a few pieces to my 'closet' to start with, and was so happy that this beautiful Leota 'Charlotte' Prism dress arrived just in time for my Jamaica trip!


This dress hugs the curves in ALL the right places, and I loved the bright blue, white and pink colors! You can NEVER go wrong with a great jersey dress. Especially this one with it's slimming twist-knot detail in the front, and the way it flatters the hips.

I can see me rocking this dress for a long time. Miss Gwynnie, I see you girl. LOH-VING this as my first piece! Can't wait to see what arrives next month! Best part about this service, as opposed to others? You can actually view their offerings in advance and choose some of your favorite pieces to hang in your closet until it's time to ship. You keep the look as long as you want (instead of only having 5 days to decide like other services), and once you send it back? They send you whatever item is next in your 'closet' queue. I loved being able to choose what I want, instead of waiting to be surprised every month.


So far, this subscription service idea is working out great, and I'm having fun playing in clothes and fashion.  I can't wait to see what comes up next!

Get details for this look, (and my accessories) below.

See you next week, Fashionistas!

Pics: @RLxPress

Dress: Leota | Shoes: DreamPairs | Hat: Macy's | Earrings & Ring: Macy's |

I'm crushing on these City Chic coated jeans!

Hi there Fashionista!

I'm still sending you love from sunny Jamaica, where we'll be until this coming Sunday. I have had the most amazing time here at The Grand Palladium with my love and our friends and family!

We shot this CityChic look on the balcony of our suite, in the blazing hot Jamaica sun. But, the funny thing is? These 'coated' jeans are stretchy, airy, and cooler in temperature than they look. I felt really comfortable rocking them in this heat! 

What I love the most about rocking jeans like this in the summer, is that you can dress them up with heels and a top, like I've done here, or you can wear a casual tank with comfy shoes and have the jeans themselves dress up the rest of the look!

Get all the details on the outfit below, and I'll see you next week for more fashions from Jamaica. Can't I just stay here forever? Jamaica, I'm so in love with you!

Have a great weekend, Fashionistas!


(all pics cc: @RLxPress )

P.S. Oh and can a sista get an amen for the shoes? They are my new obsession, these clear lucite band heels are from a company called 'Team Wardrobe'. They make heels that are high but super comfortable. I will find a million ways to wear them, starting with this look. ;)

Top: Alfani | Coated Jeans: CityChic | Shoes: Team Wardrobe |

Hot Curves in Jamaica!

aka 'How I Styled my #StitchFix Bermuda Shorts'!

Whew chile, we've only been here three full days, and I'm having the time of my life in #Jamaica!

Happy Wednesday Fashionista,

I'm super excited, I've been waiting to tell you all about my experience with StitchFix, a monthly shopping service I decided to try out for RajdulariStyle!

I'll be doing a series of shoots around all of the pieces I got from there (loved almost EVERYTHING they sent), so stay tuned throughout my Jamaica trip to see more looks!

That said, first piece up are these super comfy Bermuda shorts. I usually have a hard time wearing Bermuda shorts because of where they hit my thighs. 

But these pair were perfect, and I was excited to get something in the mail that fit me the FIRST time I put them on!

Great job, Stitch Fix! Can't wait to see what I get in next month's delivery!

To check out StitchFix's awesome service, click here.

Ok, I'm off to chase more sunshine, Fashionistas. Catch you next time! (See outfit deets & more pics below).



(p.s. all pics courtesy of @RLxPress)

Top: Ralph Lauren (similar here) | Shorts: Makers of True Originals (courtesy of Stitch Fix) | Shoes: Sole Society (similar here in 'Night Taupe') | Clutch: Target |

The Perfect #CurvyGirl Skirt you'll LOVE!

Chile, lemme tell you 'bout how I almost got rid of this skirt!

Ok so, I fell in love with this Jibri Lego Skirt (buy a similar one here) back in 2013, and wore it on stage at a concert in Boston (scroll down to see that pic ;)).

At the time, I didn't really like how it fit me. It was a bit too tight around the belly and waist area, so I wore it once, threw it in the closet, and there it stayed four the past 4 years.

Since then, I've gone on a health journey over the past year. I've lost 50+ pounds, and I've been feeling so much better these days!

So, this past weekend, The Dude and I headed up to our rooftop to shoot some looks and I pulled this skirt out (intending to sell it) and tried it on. 

Well, listen hunney! That beauty fit so well, I promptly did the shoot, twirled, and put that bad boy RIGHT back in the closet!

Has this ever happened to you? I challenge you to grab some of those oldie but goodies out of the back of your closet and try them on, girl!

This high waist skirt isn't on sale from Jibri anymore, but you can get one like it here. If you do, drop me a line in the comments and let me know!

Until next time, yours in Style...


Pics cc: @Mimagmono

Me, in Jibri  2013 (50 lbs ago ;)).

Me, in Jibri  2013 (50 lbs ago ;)).

Flirty Florals!

Hello Fashionistas!

Ok, I'll admit it: I'm not a huge 'trend' follower, simply because most of the trends I see in fashion these days aren't new to me. Crop tops? Been wearing them since the 80s, right? And what about the new 'chunky heels'. Those were all the rage with platform shoes in the 60s & 70s. Cut out jeans? You mean the ones we wore in the 90s with our tank tops and Janet Jackson earrings? 

You know what I'm talkin' about ;).

Fashion is cyclical. Which is why I always think it's best to wear whatever moves YOU, anytime and anywhere. Having your own personal sense of style is what makes you unique, and awesome!

BUT, when I saw pretty floral patterns making their way back in season, with all of their feminine ruffles and pretty lace details? Ok, THEN you had me excited. ;)

I love any and all pretty, girly things, so when I saw this chiffon dress at Maurices, I just had to buy it. And this dress didn't disappoint! It's comfortable (worn with NO spanx, thank you Jesus), the ruffles are feminine, and I love the lightness of the fabric and the open-back detail on the shoulders.

In short, THIS floral trend has me hooked, and I can't wait to add even more of this style to my closet for this Spring and Summer!

Details on the look below. As always, thanks for checking out my CurvyStyle blog where I post new looks every Wednesday. 

Sending you much love, Fashionistas! What did you think of this dress? Would YOU buy it? How would you style it? Sound off in the comments below!

Love, R

(P.S. all pics cc: @RLxPress )

Dress: Maurices | Clutch: Vintage | Shoes: Dream Pairs  | Watch: Michael Kors

Ahoy! Sailor Red Skirt

Who doesn't love a nautical/sailor skirt for a fun day on the waterfront? I LOVE this Liz Claiborne skirt, and for years I couldn't fit it, so it just hung in my closet. 

After losing 50+ pounds, I snatched this beauty off the hanger and was so happy to see that it fit like a glove!

I had so much fun shooting this look w/@RLxPress. Don't you just love easy breezy outfits that hug the curves and make you feel feminine and fun? Get details on the look below, and getchu a flirty skirt too, Fashionista! <3 

Now, if I could just find me a yacht to lounge around in my cute look, chile. Then we'd be in business! ;)

Skirt: Liz Claiborne (similar @Torrid here and @TopVintage here), Top: Sofistafunk, Shoes: Bucco (similar here, here and here)